We are a leading global executive search firm, but with a number of critical differences compared to traditional retained fee headhunters:

  • Customised Approach

    We do not rely on existing networks, we specialise in identifying top candidates in our clients’ direct competitors or target firms and persuading them to consider the opportunity with the client that we are representing.

  • Global Executive Headhunting

    We run searches locally, regionally and globally simultaneously. This allows us to source candidates worldwide, including specific nationals based outside their home country, who may be interested in repatriating for the right opportunity.

  • The digital era and the rise of the passive candidate

    We specialize in the use of digital channels to identify, engage and attract senior executives across all industry sectors and geographies. Utilising these channels gives us a huge advantage over traditional executive search firms in our ability to engage top performing passive candidates as it lowers the barrier to entry, meaning that we are unmatched in terms of candidate quality, global reach and time to fill.

  • Early feedback, faster completion

    We present our initial findings from a search within 5 working days. This means that we can recalibrate based on live feedback if needed, enabling us to significantly reduce time to hire (up to 75%).

  • Risk free

    We work on a success fee basis which means that we are entirely focused on finding the best candidates.